Locked asset management

1. Core configuration parameters of cryptocurrencies

QIAN stablecoins are generated by users locking cryptocurrencies in smart contracts, initially the underlying assets will be in ETH, ERC-20 versions of BTC, and other mainstream ERC-20 tokens. After a certain period of stable operation of the system, we will consider incorporating offline assets mapping tokens with consensus to be used as collateral for the issuance. Given the high volatility and correlation of token-based assets, excess reserves of all types of assets will be required.

For each cryptocurrency, the core parameters of the system configuration include.

  • Maximum mint amount: it means the maximum amount of QUSD that can be minted in the system for that type of cryptocurrency.

2. Overall core configuration parameters of the system

For the system, the core parameters include:

3. Cryptocurrency portfolio management

In order to avoid QIAN stablecoins (such as QUSD)'s price volatility, diversify risk and enhance stability, the QIAN system will select reserves from mainstream cryptocurrencies and tokenized assets based on indicators including, but not limited to: asset type, market capitalization, liquidity, volatility, issuer, and region of issuance.

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